Estate Planning before you need it

If you own a home and do not have a trust you are going to make your heirs/beneficiaries open a probate case when you die.  Probate is costly and depending on the value of your estate can cost thousands of dollars and take months to complete.

Having a Revocable Trust prepared is a reasonably priced way to avoid the cost and time spent in probate court.  With a Revocable Trust you always maintain control over your assets and can change your mind about distribution or even sell the property in the trust whenever you want.

At my law office a Revocable Trust package includes the following documents being prepared, signed and notarized:  1) Trust; 2) Declaration of Trust; 3) Certificate of Trust; 4) Power of Attorney; 5) Deed for each piece of real property; 6) Healthcare Directive; 7) HIPAA waiver; 8) Pour-over Will(s); and 9) other miscellaneous funding documents and instructions.

The entire process usually takes less than a week from initial consultation through signing of the documents.

If you live in the Coachella Valley give me a call to discuss if a Revocable Trust is right for your estate planning needs.  I make house calls if you are not in the Indio, Palm Desert, or La Quinta area.  Even if you are local I am willing to come to your home to meet with you and execute the documents.